Professional Reviews


Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio

"Beyond Bitchin! A Marvel from PrimaLuna. This is one of the most incredible bargains in high end audio today."



“You know my respect for PrimaLuna goes way back. Back to the first ProLogue Integrated, and in the course of TONE Audio’s 12 year history, we’ve reviewed nearly every model - all great, but you guys have really outdone yourselves with the HP integrated. I’d really like to purchase the review sample to be used as a permanent reference component here. It’s fantastic! This is one of the loveliest integrated amplifiers I’ve had the pleasure to use. Sounds great, looks great, drives any speaker I can throw at it. And knowing that the original ProLogue One I bought from you before I even started TONE is still running daily without any issues, I know this baby will outlive me! Thanks for sending it my way…”



“PrimaLuna’s DiaLogue Premium HP is an integrated amplifier whose sound quality closely approaches that of pairings of reference Class A preamps and power amps.”



The HP integrated outperforms 400 watt monoblocks with difficult speakers: Read why Stereophile Editor John Atkinson uses a tube integrated amp for the first time ever to write a speaker review and says “But once I found the amplifier – a tubed integrated!”


Customer Reviews

Subject: PrimaLuna HP integrated
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2016 12:29:25 +0000
From: Torske, Kevin R

Good morning Kevin,
I received my PrimaLuna DiaLogue HP integrated amp last Thursday and have
been breaking it in. I had thought it would be good, but also thought that a
lot of the superlatives being thrown around would be hype...
I am SO glad that hype actually does not do this amp justice! Hooked up with
my Sonus faber Guarneri Memento speakers, I have never heard more unforced
detail, all while keeping the overall sound warm, rich and inviting. As I
only have about 100 hours on the unit, I am looking forward to further
break-in and improvements, even if they are subtle. This is one VERY
impressive amp.
I have also sent my ModWright KWI200 to you via UPS Ground. I will get you
the tracking number ASAP. I believe it should be there by the 6th. I hope it
will arrive in good condition.
Thanks for all the help.
Kevin R. Torske

From: Sean Campbell
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2016 1:30 PM
To: Kevin Deal
Subject: Registration - HP Integrated


A summary of my experience with the HP since last Saturday.

I spent Saturday connecting up the HP into my system and disconnecting my solid state amp (a very nice/expensive McIntosh solid state) 200 watts per channel.
After I integrated the HP into my system and assured all connections were accurate and secure, I turned on the power.  As expected, the lights came on and was ready in about ~60 seconds.
I first wanted to run it in Triode mode right out of the gate and what happened over the next couple hours was pretty much astounding.  To be honest, my system as it was, I thought was pretty hard to beat and to improve or change the sound in a delightful way I just didn’t expect too much. My sound room is not ideal, but I’ve worked very hard and did a lot of research on sound control and I have it dialed in pretty damn good. As I mentioned, I already own a legendary McIntosh amp that I paid a lot of money for and to be fair, love dearly both in sound and fit and finish. 

Back to the experience, as soon as the first notes played through the speakers with the HP, I immediately was blown away. I truly didn’t think an amp could make that much of a difference, especially at the level I was already obtaining.  I was so moved by the sound that I actually sat on the couch listening with my wife and got goose bumps. The explanation in a word is “euphoria”. I hadn’t even opened up a good IPA beer yet!  In fact, I’m so in love with the sound, since Saturday, I have only listened to it in Triode mode as I can’t bring myself to change what I have already fallen in love with (I know, stupid that I haven’t even tried Ultra linear right?) but that’s just me…at least for now.

Again, I’ve only listened to it on Saturday for about 3 hours, and Sunday about 3 hours, total of 6 hours.