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Since 2003, PrimaLuna has created tube amplifiers with a unique construction found nowhere else. Our technologies bring you closer to the music at a price you won't believe. Nothing else comes close.



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DiaLogue Tubes Glowing-020.jpg
PrimaLuna’s DiaLogue Premium HP is an integrated amplifier whose sound quality closely approaches that of pairings of reference Class A preamps and power amps.
— Robert Deutsch, Stereophile U.S.A.
. . . it makes no apologies to stereo amplifiers costing three times as much. It is my current benchmark in integrated tube amplifiers.
— Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound U.S.A.
The PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium grabs your attention at the get-go and delivers an exciting and engaging performance at an exceptionally low price for what you’re getting. This is a product that inspires confidence in reliability and produces wonderful music, which makes it a cinch to recommend.
— Dean Seislove, Positive Feedback Online U.S.A.

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