If your remote control loses its range or becomes intermittent, check the batteries first.

Please note that infrared remotes can be affected by bright sunlight shining directly on the front panel of your component, where the infrared sensor is mounted.  Infrared sensors have a narrow field of view, so if you are at a wide angle to your equipment, you may need to point the remote more perpendicular to the front panel.

The very first shipment of DiaLogue Premium Preamp and Integrated Amp have a new remote chip available if needed. Most, if not all, have already been updated with this chip, however if you own a DiaLogue Premium Preamp or Integrated Amp, and your remote volume is intermittent, or if the unit powers on and the input defaults to the HT input (or no input at all), simply contact PrimaLuna or your local dealer and we will supply you with a new chip at no chargeInstallation is easy and does not void your warranty.