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Major Brand 'A'

Major Brand 'B'

ProLogue Premium

DiaLogue Premium

Price $5,000 $7,595 $2,199 $3,199
Tube Count 1 4 6 8
Rectification Solid-state Solid-state (2) 5AR4 Tubes (2) 5AR4 Tubes
Construction Printed circuit board Printed circuit board Point to point wiring Swiss-made OFC
Point to point wiring
Volume Control Electronic $4 Chip Motorized Alps Blue Velvet Motorized Alps Blue Velvet
Transformer Single IE-core Single C-core Potted toroidal x2 Potted toroidal x2
Design Shared parts between channels Shared parts between channels Dual mono Dual mono
Weight 13 lbs 15.9 lbs 37.5 lbs 52.9 lbs