Don't Overpay!

If you go to a dealer that does not sell PrimaLuna, they will say almost anything to keep you from looking at the facts. 

They will say it breaks, even though everybody raves about PrimaLuna dependability, and even though PrimaLuna runs tubes easier than any other brand while incorporating protection features to virtually eliminate service calls. 

They will say it isn't built well, but will refuse to compare internal pictures or even speak about how PrimaLuna is actually built. And if you show them a comment like Stereophile's Art Dudley declaring "I've never seen a better built amp" they will dismiss it and become belligerent....and even angry. 

They will say it doesn't sound good even though major magazine reviewers actually lay down their own cash to buy PrimaLuna for themselves more than any other brand. And reviewers from both Stereophile and The Absolute Sound magazine actually use PrimaLuna to review speakers. 

The brands that are most over-priced also have the highest profit margins. Sad but true. So they are not only trying to get you to spend more for less, they want MARGIN. 

The brands that are most over-priced also have the highest profit margins.


PrimaLuna was founded on the principle of saying “Enough!” And sometimes when you do that you will be in conflict with the flow of money.

Recently, we terminated a dealer after he said, “Your product isn’t expensive enough”. We asked what he meant he replied “I can’t put your $3399 integrated next to the $8,000 [name deleted] integrated. I’ll sell yours if someone asks for it, but I’m not putting it in the same room. I’m not giving up an $8,000 sale.”

You have the power of choice. Using that power means not buckling to the sales pressure you will get from either a salesperson, or from other audiophiles that know they got suckered. People that overpaid will defend their own poor decisions by telling you “PrimaLuna CAN’T be better than Brand X!” even when the facts points to another conclusion.

Look at the facts, not lofty descriptions:

PrimaLuna has the best parts and workmanship. In December 2009, Stereophile magazine’s resident tube audio expert Art Dudley declared “I’ve never seen a better built amp.” This type of comment has been repeated over and over around the world. This is why we take you inside to show you exactly how we build our product, and we're the only manufacturer who does.

PrimaLuna has the best customer satisfaction. How can we say this? People rarely sell them. Even our oldest products are sought after years later, resulting in an incomparable resale value.

PrimaLuna has the best sound. Every PrimaLuna reviewed by Stereophile has a Class A rating meaning the best at any price. Don’t buy just because of a good review. Everything gets a good review. Ever read a bad one?

Consider this:

Stereophile’s Robert Deutsch has used the ProLogue Premium Integrated for writing speaker reviews ever since he first reviewed the amp. In a 2015 article, he reiterated that fact stating, “Ever since I reviewed PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Premium for the June 2012 issue, it has been the model I turn to when I wanted a moderately priced integrated amplifier to try with a new speaker. It never disappointed me, and never seemed outclassed, even when the speaker was the Martin Logan Montis [$10,000/pair]. At $2399, the ProLogue Premium to me represents the 'sweet spot' for systems in the range of $4,000-$10,000 or higher.”

The Absolute Sound’s Dick Olsher declared in his June 2013 review of the DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier, that it is “my current benchmark in integrated tube amplifiers.”

Stereophile Editor John Atkinson used our $4399 DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier to finish a review in the December 2015 issue of the YG Acoustics Carmel 2 loudspeakers, after being dissatisfied with four different solid state power amps, costing as much as $25,000. It’s the first time we are aware of that he has used a tube amplifier to write a speaker review.

Stereophile’s Tube maven Art Dudley praised our DiaLogue Premium Power Amplifier in the February 2014 issue of Stereophile, declaring it to be among “the top four or five most enjoyable amplifiers he has ever reviewed.

Four professional reviewers have purchased our DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier to use in their own systems.  Four. They use them daily for writing reviews as well as for their own listening pleasure. You can’t say that about any other preamp.