Would a customer with $22,000 Sonus faber Guarneri speakers actually sell his $40,995 worth of highly regarded separates because he likes an integrated amp costing $4399 better?  

This one did.

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Hey Kevin,

Thanks for keeping me updated. I previously owned the Audio Research Reference 10 flagship preamp ($30K) and the Reference 110 amplifier ($10,995).

The new HP is an amazing piece of gear. I personally hate hearing reviews that define something as great "for the money" as that typically means it is a big compromise when compared to very expensive gear. The HP is a great amplifier, period. No qualifications needed...

...The HP escapes the trappings of a "good for the money" amplifier and puts Primaluna in the flat out awesome amplifier category. My two cents...

Congratulations on a really nice amplifier. Have a great Thanksgiving Kevin!

Thank you,
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