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Greg Weaver, The Absolute Sound U.S.A.

"For someone looking to indulge in the tube experience, with most of the drawbacks superbly minimized, I cannot recommend the PrimaLuna DiaLogue gear highly enough. They offer creative and thoughtful design, exceptional build-quality, first-rate parts and assembly, tremendous attention to detail, an elegant look and feel, and their sonic performance is clearly well above their reasonable asking price. Don't bother with how they pull it off, just sit back and enjoy!"


Paul Mah, Dagogo  U.S.A.

“You win PrimaLuna! I was in the market to buy a reference amplifier and the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP came along at the right time. Thanks Kevin. My check is in the mail.” 


Customer Reviews


From: Bob Pinder
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2016 11:19 AM
To: Kevin Deal
Subject: PL HP amp is amazing


Good morning Kevin,
I've had the Dialogue Premium HP amp burning in for a week now and it is amazing. It is combined with the Dialogue Premium Preamp that you sold me last year. 
I am using the 4 ohm connectors to drive Magico S3 and the HP has ample power even in Triode mode.  It defies logic that 40 wpc can drive the S3 and sound so good.  The S3 are power hungry speakers and all the reviews suggest at least 200W of SS power to get the best sound from them.  There is a highly regarded local audio store called Music Lovers and they told me that the S3 can't be driven with tube amps. Period.  Waste of time to try it.  I called you the next day and bought the PL HP based on your advice and explanations. 
Many years ago, there was an audio magazine reviewer who, as part of his evaluation, stood outside his listening room to see if the music sounded real from that vantage point.  Over the years, I have done that whenever switching components.  This is the first time that it really does sound like people are singing in my listening room when I am in other parts of the house.  The Magico S3s are part of that equation but the PL are a big part of that equation too.
Mostly, I am tired of switching components in search of the perfect sound. I just want dependable equipment that will last for 20 years and concentrate on enjoying the music.  PL delivers that for me.    
Happy New Year, 
Bob Pinder

First and foremost let me say I’m not trying to start any war of words, bash any manufacturers products or any HiFi dealers. I’m just stating my humble opinion. In the words of Denzel Washington in the movie Malcom X we’ve been hoodwinked and led astray when it comes to the whole audiophile phenomenon.

I recently owned an ARC REF 5SE, REF 110 and ARC solid state DS450M mono-block amps. They were driving my Magnepan 20.7’s and my Meridian music streamer. I just switched all of it out for a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amplifier with KT150 tubes and a PL Dialogue Premium preamplifier and to these ears my Maggie’s have never sounded so good. I’m going to add another PL Dialogue Premium HP next week and then I can honestly say I am done with my search for high fidelity sound.

People, please don’t let other dealers and manufacturers tell you, you need to spend $$$$ to achieve musical nirvana it’s all hype. I fell for that crap and I’m really embarrassed to say it. PrimaLuna is a superior musical instrument that honestly should cost 4 to 5 times more for their Dialogue Premium line. The build and features are second to none. Please please don’t let these dealers tell you otherwise. It’s all about the benjamins and they want you to invest your hard-earned money in their overpriced crap.

I invite anyone to listen to my system and tell me this isn’t as good as it gets and that this is not how music should sound. I live in Seattle and I reached out to Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal after 1 1/2 weeks of watching his videos and banging my head against the wall over my inferior lifeless musical experience. I took a leap of faith after reading several reviews and seriously doing some homework and made the decision. Wow PL and KD thank you for not making me look like and an absolute fool. I honestly feel like I stole from PL and Upscale Audio. Can’t stop tapping my feet and shaking my head. Bye for now and if one person listens to PrimaLuna after reading this thread my mission is complete. Peace,  Miles and Dizzy are on stage with Stevie Ray riding shotgun!


Damn you Kevin Deal!!! What did I ever do to you? I just received my PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP and hooked it so now I’m running them as mono’s instead of stereo and all I can say is damn you Kevin Deal and PL. It doesn’t make any sense for music to sound this good. I have accepted the fact that I will gain another 50lbs and lose my fiancé as part of the deal and it’s all your fault. I have had them hooked up for 2 hours and damn you this is to ridiculously good. PrimaLuna and Upscale Audio are in a class by itself and you my friend are the absolutely very best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the gift of loving music again. I’m soooo incredibly happy right now that I’m good with gaining the extra pounds from being glued to my listening chair and as far as Erika is concerned I can find another fiancé... just teasing LOL! A customer for life! Damn you Kevin Deal, Damn you PrimaLuna and Damn you Kat & Upscale Audio.



A late report on the replacement of the ARC Ref 210 mono blocks with the PrimaLuna HPs using KT 150s. It's been 3 1/2 months since but due to new power cords, trialing other speaker wires, and another tweak. Time has passed and it allowed complete burn in of the amps and new wires.

RESULT: The system, with PrimaLunas, is better than with the ARC equipment = no doubt AND I no longer have that 'pit' in my stomach when turning the ARC amps on anticipating a snap or pop and always knowing the tubes are changing performance due to biasing. The music is there and I am enjoying it immensely. PL HPs are easily driving Wilson XT1s beautifully.

These are exceptional amps at any cost and I am not the least interested in buying other amps - HPs are keepers.

Again Kevin, thank you for the excellent support and patience,

Dave B.