"I cannot recommend the PrimaLuna DiaLogue gear highly enough. They offer creative and thoughtful design, exceptional build-quality, first-rate parts and assembly, tremendous attention to detail, an elegant look and feel, and their sonic performance is clearly well above their reasonable asking price"


Dick Olsher, Enjoy The  U.S.A.

"The [DiaLogue] Premium version is now able to swim with and compete effectively against high-end's cost-no-object heavyweights. And that, my fellow audiophiles, is a rarity. If you're looking for a basic line preamp that is sanely priced and offers genuine tube magic, this is it! An enthusiastic two thumbs up recommendation!"


Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio  U.S.A.

"Incredible sound and value for $3,199. If I were building a system in the $20 – $50k range, I can’t imagine needing to spend more than this for a linestage . . . Another home run from PrimaLuna!"


Jim Merod, Positive Feedback Online  U.S.A.

"The PrimaLuna 'Dialogue Premium' preamp is clearly among high-end audio's greatest values . . . certainly, I believe, it provides essentially unrivaled musical accomplishment that no preamplifier at or near its retail price tag comes close to. The real enigma, in this reach toward assessment of absolute value, is how many much more expensive units achieve equal or almost equal sonic grandeur. My guess (and it is only that) is the sense that units five and six times its price may well fall short of what it delivers.

In sum, in the high-end universe a few extraordinary audio units have earned the status of "classics" and I see the real possibility that the Dialogue Premium may trek forward to garner such accolades."


Lang Phipps, Writer for Listener magazine, new york times & details magazine U.S.A.

"Matched with the right speakers and power amp, the PrimaLuna Dialogue Preamplifier will be a revelation of musical truth that may change your listening experience by an order of magnitude, all at a price that brings sanity to the high-end world. I can’t recommend it strongly enough"


Customer Reviews


First and foremost let me say I’m not trying to start any war of words, bash any manufacturers products or any HiFi dealers. I’m just stating my humble opinion. In the words of Denzel Washington in the movie Malcom X we’ve been hoodwinked and led astray when it comes to the whole audiophile phenomenon.

I recently owned an ARC REF 5SE, REF 110 and ARC solid state DS450M mono-block amps. They were driving my Magnepan 20.7’s and my Meridian music streamer. I just switched all of it out for a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amplifier with KT150 tubes and a PL Dialogue Premium preamplifier and to these ears my Maggie’s have never sounded so good. I’m going to add another PL Dialogue Premium HP next week and then I can honestly say I am done with my search for high fidelity sound.

People, please don’t let other dealers and manufacturers tell you, you need to spend $$$$ to achieve musical nirvana it’s all hype. I fell for that crap and I’m really embarrassed to say it. PrimaLuna is a superior musical instrument that honestly should cost 4 to 5 times more for their Dialogue Premium line. The build and features are second to none. Please please don’t let these dealers tell you otherwise. It’s all about the benjamins and they want you to invest your hard-earned money in their overpriced crap.

I invite anyone to listen to my system and tell me this isn’t as good as it gets and that this is not how music should sound. I live in Seattle and I reached out to Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal after 1 1/2 weeks of watching his videos and banging my head against the wall over my inferior lifeless musical experience. I took a leap of faith after reading several reviews and seriously doing some homework and made the decision. Wow PL and KD thank you for not making me look like and an absolute fool. I honestly feel like I stole from PL and Upscale Audio. Can’t stop tapping my feet and shaking my head. Bye for now and if one person listens to PrimaLuna after reading this thread my mission is complete. Peace,  Miles and Dizzy are on stage with Stevie Ray riding shotgun!