Rick Schmidt, Secrets of Home Theater & Hi Fidelity  U.S.A.

"The PrimaLuna was rich, engaging, deep, and liquid . . . here I was worried about the tube amp driving my horribly inefficient Aperion Intimus 5B’s. Ample volume was not a problem . . . I was mesmerized. Jaw dropped, eyes wide."


Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

"I sat there transfixed...the soundstage was literally wall-to-wall...it has more dynamic explosiveness and midbass weight than any 38-watt integrated amplifier I have ever heard."


The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

The DiaLogue Two Wins the Golden Ear Award 2008 from The Absolute Sound!


Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News  U.K.

"Regardless of tube or setting, the PrimaLuna possesses a rich yet natural midband . . . with detail that caresses every nuance"


Frank Alles, Stereo Times  U.S.A.

"Its dynamic contrasts are among the best I’ve encountered . . . its superb articulation and command of the frequency extremes is what puts it ahead of the competition."