"ProLogue Classic CD Player" was formerly known as "ProLogue Eight"

Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

"A no-brainer recommendation at even several times its asking price and a must-audition!."


John Atkinson, Stereophile  U.S.A.

Stereophile did a follow-up review of the ProLogue Eight where John Atkinson listened with the Super I/V board upgrades. In his words..."with either of the I/V upgrades installed, the PrimaLuna becomes a straight Class A recommendation." (note: mentioned upgrades are now standard equipment)


Hi-Fi World  U.K.

"The way it recreates the phrasing of a piece of music is breathtaking"


Lefteris Xenos, Sound & Vision  Greece

"PrimaLuna enters the world of sources with flying colors, continuing a tradition stating that it is one of the "best buy" companies in the market. Well done."


Christian Izorce, Haute Fidelite  France

New review from Haute Fidelite in France. Review is "Au Francais." It also won the "Best Buy" award in the same issue!