Customer Reviews

(Reprinted from Facebook with permission)

Art Go
8 oktober om 1:29

I just got brand new Prologue Classic from Kevin Deal and I have to tell you it sounds amazing straight from the box with stock EL34 tubes.

On the top of that the little amp drives very difficult load - Dynaudio Countour S3.4 that are 86dB at 4 ohms with ease and grace in my living room set-up.

I am actually amazed how well those speakers sound!!! They have a bad reputation for being current hungry. I had Pass INT150, Unison Research S6, And Rogue Audio Sphinx and none of them came close to the low end control and imaging as Prologue Classic does.

Very well designed and solid product that I think is unbeatable at its price....Well done PrimaLuna.

Vind ik leuk