Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

The ProLogue One is featured in The Absolute Sound as part of a recommended "High-End Budget System" called Tubed Nirvana.


Jeff Dorgay, The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

"Enough about how it looks and operates; how does it sound? Bitchin', that's how it sounds"


Art Dudley, Stereophile  U.S.A.

"Lustily, heartily, and enthusiastically . . . recommended"


Playback Magazine  U.S.A.

"This amp lets you feel like you're not just playing recordings; instead, you feel more like the musicians are performing for you."


Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News  U.K.

"With apologies to various British and Italian geniuses, this amplifier has, to my ears, no equals at its retail price."


Neville Roberts, Hi-Fi World  U.K.

"I was hoping to hear improvements... I was not disappointed: the improvement was nothing short of amazing!"


Jose Victor Henriques,  Portugal

"The sound of the ProLogue One slowly gets into you until it finally grows on you. If this is the prologue ... I can't wait for the epilogue."


Flavio Adami, Hi-Fi News  Brazil

"A well-executed and intelligent design, with first-rate components, and output transformers of the highest level."


Claudio Checchi, Audio Review  Italy

"It has become absolutely needless to say that we highly recommend this amplifier to everyone looking for first-class sound at an affordable price."


Paris Kotsis, Sound & Vision  Greece

"Nice looks, even better sound. ProLogue One makes affordable tube magic without compromise."


Herald Sun February 23rd, 2005  Australia

PrimaLuna makes headlines! Read the article from the Herald Sun on February 23rd, 2005.


Steve Holding, Australian Hi-Fi  Australia

"It’s sometimes hard to love a valve amplifier…. I needn’t have worried: it was love at first sight."


Dominic Todd, Hi-Fi World  U.K.

"It's this sort of quality you'd expect from a much more expensive amplifier."


Haute Fidelite  France

This review is Au Francais. I only know a few French words, but I'm told the reviewer loved the amp and gave it their Best Buy Award.


Diapason  France

"Tube magic for just a little over 1000 euros."


Salvadore Dangla, On Off  Spain

"El ProLogue One es un au-diófilo y compacto amplif-icador integrado, que reúne varios parametros “"magi-cos" para los puristas" (Review in Spanish)


Stereo & Image  France

"une cohérence d’en-semble de la restitution qui ne se désunit jamais pour vous procurer un plaisir d’écoute décuplé" (Review in French)