Professional Reviews


- Herb Reichert, Stereophile U.S.A.

I’ve listened to the PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium preamplifier at great length and carefully studied its construction. I’ve installed the review sample in my system many times and removed it just as often—it’s been banged about. So I can say, without doubt, that it’s built to last and is musically effective. Its combination of beguiling transparency and dynamic authority reproduces complex music and recordings with ease and élan. In even a very expensive system, it will not set limits on musical enjoyment. As I concluded my review of PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Premium power amp: Class A sound at a Class C price.

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Herb Reichert, Stereophile U.S.A.

"The (KEF) Q350s really liked tubes, especially push-pull EL34s. With the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium stereo amplifier ($2199) and preamplifier ($2199), the modest KEFs' bass was less taut, but they delivered a fleshy, organic-feeling midrange and elegant, delectable highs. The PrimaLuna amplification had a satisfying way of filling out the Q350's tendency toward thinness."


- John E. Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater & HiGH Fidelity  U.S.A.

"[The ProLogue Premium] is beautifully constructed and has a warm lush sound that all of us tubeophiles love to listen to."


Robert Levi, Positive Feedback Online  U.S.A.

"PrimaLuna, which means "first moon" in Italian, reveals through its latest offerings very high taste levels, extraordinary musicality, and intensely refined realism which surprised and amazed this reviewer. Without even an interconnect in my system priced at less than either ProLogue Premium piece, I truly had no idea that anyone could produce gear at this superb level of performance, plus elegant fit and finish, at these low price points. PrimaLuna has just given me quite an education!"

"The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Preamplifier and Stereo Amplifier are absolutely brilliant, breakthrough designs with a level of musical realism only imagined at this price point even a few years ago."


Customer Reviews


Paul K.

Just wanted you to know that the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Preamplifie I bought recently from you has replaced my ARC LS17SE in my main system. While the ARC had an appealing 'etched' sound through my B&W 800 series speakers driven by a Krell Evo 2250 amp, the tube glory of the PrimaLuna is simply superior in this system. The highs are majestic, the holographic imaging far surpasses the ARC, and the midrange is vivid and pure. Plus ironically it goes deeper in the bass! I am very pleased. Thank you. 


Larry B.

I've had my Prima Luna Prologue Premium preamp 2 days, sending sound through my modest system.  What a revelation!  There used to be cardboard outlines of instruments, vocalists and reasonably clean sound.  Now...those glowing tubes have shown me  -- space in 3 dimensions, instruments and vocalists surrounded by AIR, dynamics, drive, color, and generally Life in those recordings.  Let's hear it for thermionic emission devices, hand wired circuits, tube rectifiers and dual mono preamp design.  These guys are producing a great piece of work.  Simple system:  This is with the Prima Luna driving an Adcom GFA555 with Wharfedale Jade 3 speakers and an old Velodyne servo-controlled subwoofer.  Geeeeeez, I haven't gotten to trying my other solid state amp (Moon W3) yet; another adventure, hopefully good.  My old and tired preamp was used in bypass mode (playing CDs), so it was not amplifying anything, and the switches and volume control were getting noisy with age; adding real preamplification again reveals the hidden dynamics.  Yeah, you can drive an amp with a CD player output, but a good preamp changes the world of music.  Thanks for selling great products.