Ed Kobesky, Positive Feedback Online  U.S.A.

"The PrimaLuna ProLogue Two garners my strongest recommendation. It's not merely a great tube amp, but a great amp, period."


Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News  U.K.

"Last June, I stated that, 'The PrimaLuna ProLogue One is now my affordable reference amplifier.' I spoke too soon. I hadn't reckoned on the ProLogue Two"


Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi Plus  U.K.

"Literally from the first few notes, I was hooked."


Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi Plus  U.K.

"I loved it, and strongly recommend you try one at the earliest opportunity."


Rob Henckens, Audioforum  Belgium

"In general, the PrimaLuna ProLogue Two rocks... It should be in your top 3 of must-audition amplifiers."


Paris Kotsis, Sound & Vision  Greece

"I don't think I would search for anything else after having auditioned the ProLogue Two."


Luis Mota, Audio & Cinema em Casa  Portugal

"We can't deny this is one of the best purchases of the moment, whose upgrade can only be justified by spending much more money."


Audiorom  Czech Republic

A review from Czech Republic.


Magazine Stereo  Poland

A review from Poland.


Russian Digitali  Russia

A review from Russia.