Robert Deutsch, Stereophile  U.S.A.

"...sound quality that gives up little to much more expensive products..."


Sallie Reynolds, The Absolute Sound  U.S.A.

"The ProLogue's soundstage is grand, in all senses of that word."


Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio  U.S.A.

"PrimaLuna has hit another one out of the park with great sound, great build quality, and dashing good looks. Highly recommended."


Mike Driscoll, The Audiophile Voice  U.S.A.

"I'm keeping this stuff!"


Ken Kessler, Hi-fi News  U.K.

"The kind of performance that lifts them above the competition ."


Jimmy Hughes, Hi-fi Plus  U.K.

"If you thought the ProLogue Two was good, wait until you hear these..."


Srajan Ebaen, Six Moons  U.S.A.

"For once, we have truth in advertising or promotional propaganda"


Dick Olsher, Enjoy The  U.S.A.

"In my book...the ProLogue Seven and Three add up to a perfect 10."


Stereo & Image  France

"Il faudrait débourser quatre à cinq fois plus pour un résultat auditif pratiquement équivalent…. voire inférieur" (Review is in French)


De Ligt en Mullers, VI FI  The Netherlands

A review from The Netherlands. (Review is in Dutch)